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1PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 1PC High Platform Ball Valve1PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 1PC High Platform Ball Valve1PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 1PC High Platform Ball Valve1PC High Platform Ball Valve

1PC High Platform Ball Valve

We are a reputable manufacturer of 1pc high platform ball valves in China, and you can have complete confidence in purchasing from our factory. We take pride in providing exceptional after-sale service and ensuring prompt delivery of your order.

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Product Description

Zhejiang Chengyuan 1pc high platform ball valve Introduction

A 1pc high platform ball valve is a type of ball valve that consists of a ball and a valve body. It features a simple structure, good sealing performance, and low fluid resistance, making it suitable for stopping and regulating medium flow in industrial pipelines. The 1pc high platform ball valve is also relatively easy to install and maintain, and is typically used in pipeline systems with lower pressure ratings.

Zhejiang Chengyuan 1pc high platform ball valve PROCESS FLOW

A) Disassembly:

To remove the valve, first place it in a half-open position and flush it thoroughly to ensure that any hazardous substances are removed from both the inside and outside of the valve body. Then, close the ball valve and disconnect the connecting bolts and nuts on both flanges before removing the valve from the line entirely. Next, remove the drive actuators, connecting bracket, anti-loose washer, stem nut, butterfly shrapnel, grnan, wear strip, and stem packing in that order. Afterward, remove the cover connecting bolts and nuts, detach the cover from the body, and remove the cover washer. Before proceeding, verify that the valve ball is in the "off" position, which will allow for easy removal from the body, as well as subsequent removal of the seat. Gently push the stem down through the hole in the body until it is completely removed, and then remove the O-ring and under-stem packing. Be careful during this process to avoid scratching the stem surface and damaging the body stuffing box seal.


B) Reassembly:

After cleaning and inspecting the removed parts, it is highly recommended to replace the seat and bonnet gasket seals with the spare parts kit. Reassemble the valve in reverse order of disassembly, making sure to cross-lock the flange connection bolts with the specified torque and lock the stem nut with the specified torque. After installing the actuator, input the corresponding signal to drive the spool to rotate by rotating the stem, so that the valve is in the open and close position. If possible, perform pressure seal and performance tests on valves according to relevant standards before reloading the line.

Zhejiang Chengyuan 1pc high platform ball valve Parameter (Specification)

This product is made of high-quality stainless steel, providing excellent rust protection and ensuring a long service life. It is suitable for use in a variety of settings, including kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, living balconies, and more. The 3-way ball valve is versatile and can be used for shutoff and control of water, oil, gas, nitric acid, acetic acid, and other media. The three-way design of the valve makes it easy to install and use, while its durable construction ensures that it will perform well even after many cycles. Additionally, the ball valve is reliable, with the ability to close securely even after long periods of disuse.

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