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2PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 2PC High Platform Ball Valve2PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 2PC High Platform Ball Valve2PC High Platform Ball Valve
  • 2PC High Platform Ball Valve2PC High Platform Ball Valve

2PC High Platform Ball Valve

As a reputable manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of 2pc high platform ball valves, Zhejiang Chengyuan is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products possible. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the satisfaction and loyalty of many customers. We pride ourselves on using only the best raw materials, employing innovative design concepts, and offering competitive prices that meet our customers' needs. We also provide excellent after-sales services to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our products. If you are interested in our 2pc high platform ball valve services, feel free to contact us for timely assistance.V

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Product Description

Zhejiang Chengyuan 2pc high platform ball valve Feature And Application

1. Working Principle

A ball valve works by using a ball with a hole in the middle, which rotates 90 degrees to control the flow of fluid through the valve. When the ball's hole is aligned with the flow, the valve is open, and when the ball is turned perpendicular to the flow, the valve is closed.


2. Applications

Ball valves are commonly used in applications where quick shut-off is necessary, such as in plumbing systems, water treatment plants, and industrial processes. They are ideal for low-pressure and small-diameter pipelines and are used to cut off the flow of water or change the distribution of water flow.

Zhejiang Chengyuan 2pc high platform ball valve Introduction

A 2pc high platform ball valve is a type of ball valve whose opening and closing part is a ball that rotates around the center line of the valve body to achieve the opening and closing of the valve. The term "2pc" refers to the valve being composed of two main components, also known as a two-piece ball valve. It has a compact structure and is suitable for cutting off water flow and changing the distribution of water flow or for quick opening and closing in low-pressure and small-diameter pipelines. Additionally, the high platform ball valve can be used for air, steam, water, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products, corrosive media, etc.

Zhejiang Chengyuan 2pc high platform ball valve the characteristics

1) Ball valves have the advantages of small flow resistance, simple structure, small size and light weight. The sealing surface material of the ball valve is usually made of plastic, which provides good sealing performance.


2) Ball valves are easy to operate and can be quickly opened or closed, making them convenient for remote control. They are also easy to maintain, with active sealing rings that can be easily disassembled and replaced.


3) Ball valves can be fully opened or fully closed, and the sealing surface of the ball and the valve seat is isolated from the medium, preventing erosion of the valve sealing surface.


4) Ball valves are classified according to their working principle as floating ball valves, fixed ball valves, lifting rod ball valves, etc. They can also be classified based on their channel position as straight-through, three-way, or right-angle ball valves.


5) When installing ball valves, it is important to ensure that the installation location, height, and inlet and outlet direction meet the design requirements and that the connection is firm and tight. Manual valves installed on insulation pipes should not have their handles facing downwards. The valve must also be inspected before installation and meet the requirements of national standards for valve marks. Ball valves with a working pressure greater than 1.0 Mpa and that play a cutting role on the main pipe must undergo strength and tight performance tests before installation. Gaskets should be installed between valve flanges and pipeline flanges according to pipeline design requirements, and ball valves with transmission mechanisms should be installed according to the product instructions.

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